Can’t stop, won’t stop

  • In 2008, I started to paint and I loved it. In 2010 I did my first exhibition in Paris, then in London in 2011, 2013…
  • I love to sing. So I decided to join a choir in 2011, Les Fauristes, based in London. In December 2014 I did my first solo for the Christmas carols concert…
  • I love cooking. In 2013 I have decided to knock at the door of a well know 2 Michelin stars restaurant based in London and applied for a Commis-chef position. I finished Demi-Chef de Partie few months later
  • I love running. Growing up I was running 1.5K to 5k. In 2014 I have decided to run a 50K ultra-marathon. Friends, colleagues, family and others told me I was crazy. In July 2014, I ‘ve completed it, 7th on 72 participants, then in 2015 I did 100k.
  • Few montha later I took part of Clipper round the world 15/16, international sailing competition. I crossed South Atlantic, from Brazil to South Africa. In 2016 overall we won the competition.

7th Dec 2019, I will take a part of British-Rowing-Indoor-Championships. The goal: share with the world how “unknown MS people putting efforts together can achieve extraordinary things”.

I can’t stop there, I won’t stop there.

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