Merci, Thank you, Danke schon, Akpe…

I usually wake up at 5:30 am then I go to the gym. Walking with me is pretty annoying as I am off-balance and slow. I am struggling to climb the stairs. My diet is quite different from most part of the people. In the past 8th month my time spent in a hospital, GP, pharmacy went through the roof. I had those periods where I couldn’t do anything else than lay down in bed (not even able to go to the bathroom), etc. Amy Forrest you are always there for me no matter what, thank you so much. You are my rock and I love you.

Friday 7th February I took part in World Rowing Indoor Championships and I took the podium with the Bronze medal in 500m race, french ranking. It will not have been possible if it was not with your support, prayers, and donations.

Thank you to MS Society for the huge help in MS management, Thanks to Les Fauristes Chamber Choir , NOTRE DAME CHURCH LONDONConsulat De France Battersea Reach the families Dosseh, Ajavon, Forrest, Dakiche, Sitti, Daydé, Nassar, @Paul Gossip, Ben RandallAlison FryObigwe Nnamdi Clara Mill for her brilliant pictures, Victoria Salem Anthony Clifford Romain RechtmanSarah Caudrey, H.R, Noel, Ali, Laure de Brauer Mathilde Pineau Valencienne, Christopher Miles, James Brian, Stephane & Laetitia Paulet, Guillaume BazardHanna Forrest, Guillermo, Famille Dakiche, Juan NgomoTim Forrest Amaury DionAlexanne Dieu
Tom Bahlstrand, Patrick et Delphine Dumont, Mr Tillier, Fab, Marie-Liesse Capelle, Alexandra Ruel Kelly, Em W, Fatouka Diawara, Geoffroy Dalloz and Charlotte Dalloz, Annette Et Xavier de Paris Stephanie Ockenden, @Helen Muscat, @Julie Vibert, Anne-Lise et Guillaume DIEU, Glenys PlantFrancois CézardAnne GrandinClaire Liegeois Aractingi and Nicolas Aractingi Jérémie Deliquiet Nicolas Deliquiet, Ruth Finnerty, Amanda GilbertCyrique BourbonBruno RoussennacJb Perrin Debbie Hughes, @Benjamin Ajayi-Obe Little Pepite , Nindo TuneAblavie AjavonPrisca AjavonSibylle Ajavon Van DshStella A. AssoumouAyélé DshAyoko Dosseh, , Bibi-anne GuynalkosLeila Lamnaouer , Fédération Française d’Aviron, @HeleneGigleux, Boulogne 92 Aviron, @PedroFerreira and @AlexandreBridel for their coaching, anonymous donations, and other friends and family.

We reached 100% of the fundraising target (£500). Please click on the below link if you wish to donate to MS Society:…/boris-dosseh-rows-for-ms-socie…

I might have MS but MS doesn’t have me!

#CantStopWontStop #EverythingIsAboutLove #MultipleSclerosis #MS #MSWarrior #WeAreIllmatic #SEP #ScleroseEnPlaques #ChronicIllness #CureMultipleSclerosis #MultipleSclerosisFighter #MSAwareness #MSSupport #MSStrong #LivingWithMS #MSSociety #MyInvisibleMS #FranceAviron #StopMSChampion #VilleDeLaBourboule
#WorldRowingIndoorChampionships #TeamStopMS #MAIF #MinistèreDesSports #RégionIleDeFrance #VilledeParis #Concept2

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